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my Fleet Solution with TELUS Fleet Tracker can help your business


my Fleet Solution with TELUS Fleet Tracker can help your business

my Fleet Solution


Monitoring your fleet activity

With these solutions, you’ll have access to important metrics available on an online insurance dashboard that is personalized for you. It will help you drive improvements and efficiencies for your fleet operations.

Contribute to improved customer service levels

As the owner of a fleet of vehicles, you will know where your vehicles are located at all times. You can provide faster response times to your customers’ requests.

Reduce speeding

By decreasing speeding by 10 km/h over 100 km/h, you could increase fuel economy by 10%.

Great insurance benefits for both new and existing customers

my Fleet Solution may help contribute to long-term, stable insurance costs. Plus, through my Fleet Solution, we can work with you to improve the safety of your fleet with our loss prevention services.

Monitor maintenance schedule and life of your fleet

Check tire pressure regularly - keeping tires properly inflated can improve fuel efficiency by as much as 19%.

Tire tread wear almost doubles at speeds over 97 km/h. This contributes to an extra $1,000 per year per vehicle on tire maintenance alone.

Help to reduce idling and improve fuel economy

For illustrative purposes: if your commercial fleet could reduce their idling by three hours a day, savings may be an extra $20 a day or up to $7,300 per year in fuel.

*Certain eligibility conditions, limitations and exclusions apply.