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Customer Testimonials

Our promise to you

We are committed to getting you back on track in a fair, respectful and easy manner.

Customer Testimonials

Our promise to you

We are committed to getting you back on track in a fair, respectful and easy manner.

Your satisfaction is our reward

At Intact Insurance, our name is much more than just the name of a brand. It's a promise. Our promise to get you back on track when an unforeseen event occurs. And you have our word that we will do it in a fair, respectful and easy manner.

Below are some comments that illustrate the reality of our vision that insurance is about people, not things.

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Here’s what some of our customers have to say about us*:

I want to thank your adjuster for all his care, understanding and speed in resolving our claim.

I would also like to thank you for referring me to your Rely Network partner. I was greeted warmly and all the details about my car repair were explained to me. They also keep me informed about its progress. The work was done to my satisfaction. This is a company I would recommend.

I have to mention the contribution of my broker who worked diligently to get my claim started on the day I called.

Being my first such incident, I did not know how to proceed. It is encouraging to realize that you have competent people around you to guide you.

Having worked with the public myself, I can attest that it’s easy to criticize, but it feels good and refreshing to be able to tell people about your appreciation when the opportunity arises.

Finally, I will make a point of recommending Intact Insurance and its partners to all my friends and family. Thank you!

Claude P., Montreal

My car was a write-off.

I got very good service. In less than two weeks, my claim was settled and I received the cheque from my insurance company.

What’s more, when I had questions they called me back very quickly.

Cindy J., Montreal

I have nothing but good things to say about the excellent service and support I received from my broker and my insurer, Intact Insurance. I was truly impressed, from beginning to end.

When something like this happens, it seems like it’s all over. You wonder how you’ll be able to rebuild quickly. I was full of apprehension. I was afraid I’d have a battle with my insurance company.

On the contrary, they quickly won my trust and took the matter in hand. I felt that everyone was working for a common purpose and really wanted to help me. I never could have imagined that I’d be opening the doors to my new restaurant and welcoming my customers before the Holidays.

I sincerely thank my broker and Intact Insurance for their constant support and impeccable service. You have won me over as a long-time customer! Thanks again for everything!

Sylvain C., Saint-Sauveur

My vehicle was damaged in a hailstorm. Given the extent of the damage, I reported the incident to my insurance company, Intact, who I have been with for over 25 years. My car was repaired using a paintless dent removal process and I was impressed with the results. I also had the chance to see them at work. I am sold on this technology, because it keeps the car’s original paint. I was impressed by the quality of service and how fast the repairs were made. Intact gave me a courtesy car on a Friday and I went back to get my car the following Monday. I am very enthusiastic about how well I was treated. I recommend Intact without hesitation.

Jacques R., Léry

This was my first claim with Intact Insurance. My car was damaged by hailstones the size of golf balls caused to. I counted over 50 dents. I called my broker, who referred me to Intact. A company representative explained the steps in the claims process and gave me an appointment at the temporary claim centre opened in my area. My car was repaired in two weeks. I am very satisfied with the repairs. I particularly enjoyed the fact that we just needed to visit one site, I did not have to find a garage, Intact gave me a turnkey solution. I was very well received and very well served.

Jocelyn S., Coteau-du-Lac

Allow me to thank you again. A theft is never a pleasant experience. But in a difficult time, when you have the support of good people and a good team, you can get through it, and say to yourself that you’ve done the best you could, under the circumstances. My camera and my computer have been replaced.

Your compassion and your fast action are what I will remember about this otherwise bad experience. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Jean-Claude B., Montreal

We had water damage after our washing machine broke. Since the machine is on the main floor, water flowed in the basement and it was a mess, which for us was really terrible.

It was our first claim. We are satisfied with the support we received from Intact Insurance and the way their people kept on top of the situation and kept us informed about the various stages of our claim, so we did not need to keep calling to find out about the status. Our claim was paid quickly.

Do what we did: we bought the right home insurance, and we have complete confidence in Intact Insurance.

Michel and Louise L., Sorel

*The comments were obtained from, and approved by, our customers following the processing and settlement of their claims and may have been translated from their original language.