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    1 844 336 5786

    Our condo insurance includes protection to cover upgrades to your unit and loss of common elements in your building.

    If an event prevents you from living in your unit, we’ll cover:

    • Maintenance fees
    • Temporary membership to a health club facility while you live elsewhere and are unable to use your condo’s facility
    • Storage locker contents

    If you serve on your condo’s Board of Directors, talk to your broker about adding umbrella liability insurance to your coverage.

    Good Record Protection for home insurance

    Fire or water damage that makes your home less livable is… unforgivable. But here’s some coverage that really does forgive.

    Learn more on Good Record Protection for home insurance

    To make everything sweetness and light in your home sweet home, you need to rely on solid coverage. And that’s exactly what has shown up on your doorstep with Good Record Protection for home insurance, a major new feature from Intact Insurance, available through the broker network.

    A claim can happen… and be forgiven!

    Whether you’re a homeowner or tenant, Good Record Protection shields you from the repercussions of an unexpected claim or loss.

    Available at no charge for new eligible customers for the first policy term and half price at first renewal, this unique coverage allows you to:

    • have one claim forgiven every five years, whatever it may be
    • avoid an increase to your premium due to this claim.

    With Good Record Protection for home insurance, you can finally relax and enjoy your home to its fullest!

    How a broker can help

    More than 200 companies provide insurance to consumers in Canada, each offering its own unique coverage. It can be confusing and time-consuming to compare different insurance products.

    That’s why an independent insurance broker is your best ally. Intact Insurance works with a network of more than 6,000 independent broker offices across Canada.

    The brokers we work with are licensed professionals who work for you. They do the legwork to find you the best insurance coverage at a price you can afford. Talk to a broker about the right protection for you.