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    Answer a few questions and a broker will contact you at a convenient time to provide sound advice and complete your quote.

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    Profit-sharing programs

    Besides serving your insurance needs, brokers also play a key role in helping us meet our business objectives.

    Our profit-sharing programs help us reward the brokers who help drive our most profitable business lines.

    How profit-sharing works

    We evaluate the financial performance of the client list each broker offers us, based on claims incurred by those clients as a percentage of premium paid. Brokers who have a more profitable client list are entitled to participate.

    Brokers must meet a minimum amount of profitability to qualify for this type of profit sharing. This also helps ensure that no individual client's loss can have a major effect on the broker’s result. The greater the amount of business a broker offers us, the greater amount of profit share they earn.

    Over the last three years, broker payouts under Intact Insurance profit-sharing programs have averaged 3.2% of premium.

    Additional broker compensation

    Here are other ways that Intact Insurance may be providing compensation to your broker:

    Processing and underwriting fees

    Some brokers also process and underwrite automobile and property policies for an additional commission of 1.5% - 2.5%.

    Portfolio transfers

    From time to time, brokers review their insurance providers to ensure they have the right ones to meet your needs. Sometimes, brokers can choose to change insurance companies, believing that we (or even other companies) offer their clients a better value proposition. Our practice is to support independent brokers in transferring clients to Intact Insurance through training, technology and financial support.

    Incentive campaigns

    Your broker works hard to help you understand the choices you need to make and ensure you are covered for the risks you face. We may offer your broker a chance to put his/her name in a draw to win a prize. The prizes aren't huge and do not interfere with your broker’s obligations towards you.

    Broker conferences and seminars

    Brokers and insurance companies work together to serve customers. From time to time, we hold seminars or conferences to talk about how we could do a better job together. At other times we organize social events. Our policy is to ensure that invitations to attend are not based on a “sales contest” and will only relate to the brokers’ activities as certified insurance professionals.