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Strøm Spa: when your dreams go up in smoke

It was a rude awakening for Guillaume Lemoine and Serge Beauchemin on the morning of December 26, 2016—the height of the holiday season. A major blaze had ...

How I became an entrepreneur

Serge Beauchemin’s life as an entrepreneur officially began in 1987. He had just quit his job as a salesman at a distributor of computer equipment, slamming ...

Dreaming: the key to business success

Although today he’s a seasoned businessman, Serge Beauchemin has never stopped dreaming. As a mentor and investor, he now hopes to see a new generation of ...

From wrestler to landscaper

As a boy, Paul Rossetti dreamed of becoming a professional wrestler. He never imagined that he would one day find happiness running his own landscaping ...

A waking dream

Valérie Lapensée is a fourth-generation member in the family business. Her dream is to continue growing the company founded by her great-grandfather.

A beef jerky story

After working as an engineer for 10 years, Alex Halasz made a leap that would allow him to live by his own rules.

Of sound body and mind

Amélie Verret always dreamed of owning her own gym. Now that her wish has come true, she has to strike a balance between her new life as an entrepreneur, her ...

Mitch Marner off the ice, and in the air

Toronto Maple Leaf, Mitch Marner discusses traveling for work, living out of a suitcase, and his favourite cities to visit.