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Intact programs in our community

More than 235,000 people in Canada don’t have a place to live and homelessness and poverty continue to be serious issues across the country. This affects us all – socially and economically. In fact, it costs the economy $7 billion annually.

We’re committed to our community.

At Intact Insurance, we go way beyond just car insurance, we’re committed to helping our communities thrive. That’s why we’ve created several programs and fundraising initiatives over the years, our largest being the annual United Way campaign.

Last year, our internal fundraising events and employee donation totaled over $1 million, which was matched by the Intact Foundation for a grand total of $2.1 million.

With this money, the United Way has the ability to help thousands of Canadians through various programs including group car for seniors with Alzheimer’s, counselling for abused women and children, and employment counselling for the homeless.

We’re proud to help our community, because when we create positive change, we all win.

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