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Environmentally involved

More than just home insurance, Intact Insurance is committed to protecting Canadians from the unexpected. But we’re also strongly committed to helping Canadians adapt to the impacts of climate change. Check out some of the initiatives we’re proud to be a part of.

Intact Centre for Climate Adaptation (ICCA)

The ICCA was developed after five years of research and discussions with the University of Waterloo. The ICCA is a national applied research centre focused on bringing practical and cost-effective solutions to address climate change and extreme weather events. Every Canadian has felt the effects of climate change in recent years. The ICCA serves as an incubator to promote new ideas on how we, as a country, can adapt to the ever-changing weather.

Clean Nova Scotia Foundation

The RainYards program is part of the Clean Nova Scotia Foundation, empowering homeowners with useful knowledge and resources to help mitigate storm water issues. Thanks to funding from Intact Insurance, Nova Scotians can receive everything from community workshops to free rain barrels, and are getting a helping hand in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

The David Suzuki Foundation

Since its creation in 1991, The David Suzuki Foundation’s mission has been to protect the diversity of nature and Canadians’ quality of life. The Green Infrastructures and Climate Change Adaptation program in the greater Montreal area is a perfect example of this. Intact Insurance is working alongside the DSF to develop a Green Infrastructure Summit to provide key recommendations on how to successfully adapt to climate change.

Miistakis Institute for the Rockies

In Alberta, Intact Insurance supports the Miistakis Institute for the Rockies to help inform key decision makers about valuable conservation choices that promote healthy landscapes. The Institute works with Albertan communities to provide effective, low-cost solutions to some of the issues caused by climate change.

As our climate continues to change and grow more fragile over time, it’s everybody’s responsibility to try and operate with the planet’s best interests in mind.