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Five questions to ask before setting off on your ATV adventures 

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Are you planning to set off on your ATV and soak in Quebec's spectacular natural beauty? Here's a list of key things to think about during this ATV season.

Driving safely

Are you familiar with the basic equipment you need to install or own to safely operate your ATV? Your best bet would be to consult Quebec's Off-Highway Vehicles Act, which states that all ATVs – those used for sport or off-roading (including those with tracks) – must be equipped with a white headlight on the front, a red tail-light, a red brake light at the rear, a rearview mirror firmly attached to the left side of the vehicle, an exhaust system, a braking system and a speedometer.

A small inspection is therefore necessary before setting off on your new ride. It's also mandatory to wear helmets as well as safety goggles if the helmet doesn't come with a visor and use seatbelts.

Countless trails

Did you know that Quebec is blessed with more than 30,000 km of trails marked and groomed for new riders? These trails wind through wilderness and unique landscapes such as the deep coniferous forests of the Lac-Saint-Jean region or along the banks of a magnificent river in the Parc des Appalaches.

Two websites that list these trails on very useful maps are those of Québec Aventure Plein Air and the Fédération Québécoise des Clubs Quads. Another good source is La Route quad, the official network of well-maintained tourist circuits, featuring restaurants and lodging accessible from the trails.

Rules to follow

Are you aware of the rules of the roads and trails? For example, you must buy a trail pass from a recognized ATV club; never drive while intoxicated; never exceed the 50 km/hr speed limit; and slow down and reduce noise when approaching a populated area.

Did you know that ATV owners in Quebec must carry at least $1,000,000 in liability insurance? You must carry proof of insurance at all times when on your ATV, or risk being fined.

It's also a good idea to take out insurance against injury, death from an accident or other events, as well as insure your ATV and its accessories, like helmets or a trailer, against partial or total loss. Insurance will also cover theft of an ATV and even of a side-by-side vehicle (SSV). If you haven't already done so, consider purchasing insurance when you buy your ATV – sooner is always better! Before you leave to do some ATV riding, make sure to find the right coverage for you.

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