Our thoughts go out to those affected by the British Columbia and Northwest Territories wildfires. Please stay safe. We are currently experiencing a high call volume. Remember, you can report a claim any time through the Intact Insurance app or online via Client Centre.

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Trade Credit

Trade Credit

Intact Insurance provides assurance for business owners to trade with existing customers, acquire new customers, and expand to new markets while ensuring payment. We offer a flexible and customizable product, allowing you to choose the policy and protection that best suits your business needs. 

Our specialty coverages include political risks and pre-shipment coverage. We offer multiple structures including whole turnover, single buyer, and selective coverage policies.

Our customers generally purchase insurance for:

  • Machinery and equipment
  • Land and building
  • Inventories               

Ask a broker

With a network of more than 6,000 broker offices across Canada, we’ll help you find a trusted advisor who understands your needs, so you’ll always get the right advice for your business.