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How premiums are calculated

At Intact Insurance, we treat each person as an individual.

Our grass roots approach means we work with local, independent brokers to offer insurance coverage and premium amounts unique to you.

We consider all the standard variables when calculating your insurance premium – plus many more.

A broker can help you navigate coverage options and build your discounts right into the price you pay.


How to save money

The best way to lower your vehicle insurance premiums is to put safety first and obey the rules – avoid tickets and accidents.

You can also reduce your insurance cost by owning a vehicle that is less expensive to insure.

In some provinces, and for some vehicles, you may get lower premiums by passing a driver education course.

Bundle and Save

It’s possible to combine your home, vehicle and other insurance policies for convenience and savings. You could get more protection at better rates. Talk to a broker about an insurance policy bundle from Intact Insurance.


How to make payments

We offer convenient payment options to help make it easier to manage your payments.


About deductibles

The deductible on your auto insurance policy is the amount you pay towards car repairs if you have an accident.

What can you afford to pay out of pocket for an accident?

The right deductible is balanced. It fits your budget for insurance on one hand, and on the other, what you can reasonably afford to pay in the event of a claim.

Talk to your broker. Get quotes with a few different deductible amounts to understand how it affects your insurance premium.


my rate

Everyone is different.

At Intact Insurance and Novex, we recognize that no customer is the same. That is why we have developed a rating program that considers all the aspects that make each individual unique, and take this into account when determining their premium – so that each person gets the coverage and the price that fits them perfectly.