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Car insurance that’s priced right for you

Personalize your car insurance premium with my Drive™*. Let’s take the road together!

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58K Ratings

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Get a personalized premium based on how you drive.
  • Safe driving could help you save!
    When my Drive is activated, your insurance premium will be personalized according to three main factors: speed, focus and smoothness.
  • Our helpful features are always there when you need them.
    With Crash Assist, we’re there for you if you get into an accident. Car Care is here to help you care for your car, and Weather Alerts let you know when bad weather is on the way.
  • Tips and insights to help you become a more informed driver.
    • Safety: Find out if your driving is safer or riskier than other drivers.
    • Fuel efficiency: Get more out of your tank with better fuel efficiency.
    • Eco-driving: Become an eco-friendly driver.
  • Enrol in my Drive in 3 easy steps
    Get a car insurance quote, download the Intact Insurance app for Android or iOS and activate my Drive. Accept the Terms of Use and the permissions required to personalize your premium and access helpful features.
  • Feel safe on the road and get a car insurance premium that’s priced just for you, with my Drive. Download the Intact Insurance app and enrol in my Drive now.

Over 1 100 000 clients use the app.

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download on app store download on app store

58K Ratings

get it on google play get it on google play

21K Ratings

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my Drive activation discount

Not an Intact Insurance client? Get a quote now to enjoy a 5% activation discount.

Safe driving could help you save

When you activate my Drive, your insurance premium will be personalized based on three main factors: speed, focus, and smoothness. This means that whether your driving habits are safe or risky, they could influence the price of your insurance renewal. Safe driving habits are rewarded and could help you save on your car insurance, while risky habits could increase your premium. Follow our tips to become a more informed driver and improve your driving habits! 


Maintain a safe speed and follow the limit


Maintain a safe speed and follow the limit


Brake and accelerate as smoothly as possible


Joining the Program is quick and easy! If you are already a client and the owner of the policy, simply download the Intact Insurance App and accept the Terms of Use directly in the App. If you would like to enrol any other principal drivers in the Program, please contact your broker or insurance representative.

With my Drive, your insurance premium is based on your driving habits (speed, focus, smoothness) as well as contextual factors (when, where and how much you drive). By adopting safe driving habits, you can influence your auto insurance premium. Upon renewal, your premium can increase or decrease, based on the driving data collected.  

You will need an iPhone running iOS 12 or higher, or an Android device running version 7.0 or higher. Depending on the type of smartphone you have, my Drive’s performance can vary as certain sensors behave differently in different devices.

Terms of use and FAQ applicable to clients who have enrolled in the my Drive program as of February 5th, 2024.

Terms of use applicable to clients who have enrolled in the my Drive program before February 5th, 2024.

To learn more about Intact Insurance online services, head over to our user guide.